Structural void filling

PU-polymeer met hoge dichtheid, ontworpen voor gebruik in de civieltechnische sector, vult de holtes, breidt bescheiden uit en ondersteunt constructies structureel om sterkte te verkrijgen.

  • GEORESIN 350 - Technical data sheet (PDF)

    GEORESIN 350 is a structural low expansion 2 part high density PU polymer specifically designed to be used in the Ground Engineering civil sector, which - injected into voids beneath concrete slabs, pavements, foundations, walls, etc. - fills the voids, expands modestly and structurally supports structures to design strength. If injected into confined areas (in ground) below structures it will compact the ground and exert modest lift if confined.
  • GEORESIN 035 CF - Technical data sheet (PDF)

    GEORESIN 035 CF (Cavity Filling) is a structural two-component polyurethane foam system, designed for undersealing and void filling under concrete slab sections. The slow speed reactivity profile allows for excellent flow characteristics when used as an undersealing and void fill material. It will run and level itself and expand slowly with low heat.
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