Injection technology

Injection pumps, packers, hoses and accessories.

ADCOS can offer an extensive programme of injection pumps, packers, injection hose and other accessories. All items were tested with our injection systems to guarantee a smooth application.

Injection pumps

  • Manual, electrical & pneumatical polyurthane injection pumps for one and two component systems.
  • Pneumatical injection pump for methacrylate gel
  • Pneumatical and electrical injection pump for polyurethane gel
  • Heavy duty two component injection pumps (pneumatical) for polyurethane and urethane-silicate resins.

Injection packers

We have a wide programme of steel, aluminium en plastic injection packers and professional mining and tunnelpackers.

  • INJECTION PACKERS  - Technical data sheet (PDF)

    The injection packer is a steel packer used for injection of special chemicals into a building or other constructions for the purpose of sealing, waterproofing, penetration, impregnation, bonding and consolidation of the structure.

Injection accessories

  • PURCLEAN - Technical data sheet (PDF)

    Cleaning and greasing system for injection and airless machines; for removing non-hardened polyurethane or other chemicals
  • INJECTOTUBE - Technical data sheet (PDF)

    Injection hose for cold joints and construction joints, pipe penetrations, joints between slurry walls, … Injection with PURINJECT or ACRYLINJECT systems.

    Preventive injection tube for the permanent sealing of cold and construction joints in concrete, pipe penetrations and voids between slurry walls and slabs.
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