Crystalline waterproofing

Complete system technology for waterproofing of concrete by internal crystalline waterproofing.

When crystalline waterproofing is applied to the concrete surface, either as a coating or as a dry-shake application to a fresh concrete slab, a process called diffusion takes place. The theory behind diffusion is that a solution of high concentration will migrate through a solution of lower concentration until the two equalize.

When concrete is saturated with water prior to applying crystalline waterproofing, the water inside the concrete does not contain waterproofing chemicals (thus being a solution with low concentration). When crystalline waterproofing is applied to the concrete, a solution of high concentration is created at the surface, triggering the process of diffusion. The crystalline waterproofing chemicals will migrate through the water (the solution of low density) until the two solutions equalize.


Instead of reducing the porosity of concrete, like water reducers, plasticizers, and super plasticizers, the crystalline formation engages the material filling and plugging the voids in concrete to become an integral and permanent part of the structure.

Because these crystalline formations are within the concrete and are not exposed at the surface, they cannot be punctured or otherwise damaged like membranes or surface coatings.

Crystalline waterproofing also offers protection against the effects of CO, CO2, SO2 and NO2, the gasses responsible for the corrosive phenomenon known as ‘carbonation’.

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