ADCOS is an independent hotspray polyurea system provider. Apart from the GRACO machines we now also proudly introduce WIWA , because it works !

Spray technology

Innovative coating systems

WIWA develops innovative coating systems and spraying equipment or paint spraying equipment for a vast variety of requirements in decorative and protective surface treatment, suitable for various application techniques such as Airless spraying, Air Combi spray painting and hot spraying. We thereby set standards, because our engineers and technicians always focus on the best possible utilization efficiency when designing the equipment. This creates added value, which is trend-setting in this line of business.

WIWA Hotspray Polyurea Systems (PDF)


For large area sealing applications

Today area sealing of earth contacting building elements is one of the most demanding tasks in building and sanitation work. New methods and new sealing materials are developed for use in practice, which obviously also calls for sophisticated equipment solutions. Besides the well established single component devices for low viscosity epoxy or polyurethane resins, we also offer WIWA plural component injection sytems for the application of plural component sealing materials in high quanitities. Main applications are area sealing work for earth contacting building elements in tunnel and canal construction and the reinforcement of soil in many other areas.

WIWA Resin Injection Systems (PDF)
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